Benkel garden grills

Ergonomic & practical Benkel grills

Our company has used its decades of experience in the production of fireplace inserts to create garden grills.

Hungarian handcrafted garden grill ovens.

While the fireplaces provide warmth to the home in the winter, the garden grill will be the center of a family or group of friends in the summer.

Our garden grills are made in excellent quality, by hand in our factory in Pilisszentlászló. Our own design and carefully selected raw materials guarantee durability and comfortable use.

Where can we use garden grills?

Grilling is the oldest way to prepare food. Open fire is a well-known and widespread method of baking in the world, which is experiencing a renaissance today. Garden grilling is becoming more and more popular in detached houses.

Garden grills can be permanent or mobile.

Grilling is now not only a baking method but also a community program. There is nothing better than when family or friends bake and talk together in the garden.

Our barbecues can be permanent pieces of your garden or terrace. We also have a model that can be built into a garden kitchen.

They also provide the perfect solution for larger companies.

Our party grill tables have been performed several times at beer festivals and street food events. Our grills are modern, practical and easy to handle.

Garden grill with several functions

Benkel grills provide their users with the freedom to cook outdoors.

The wheels of the oven ensure that we can use it in any part of our garden.

Our grills are designed to be multifunctional. In addition to the classic grilling, they are also suitable for bacon frying, stewing or even making horn cakes. We can change the capabilities of our garden oven according to our needs.

These accessories can be purchased separately: kettle, hanging grill disc, casting plate, chimney cake, or sparhelt plate.

Why choose a Benkel garden oven?

A variety of grills are available in larger stores. The most commonly used types are:

Charcoal grill
Electric grill
Gas grill

Olcsó faszenes kerti grill

Cheap charcoal garden grill?

Surely you have also come across cheap charcoal grills available in supermarkets. Experience has shown that they start to wobble after one or two uses, the screws must be tightened before each use. In addition, they can grill up to 3-4 people, making them unsuitable for a larger company.

Charcoal grill

More expensive charcoal grills
There are also much larger, expensive grills in the stores. These usually work better. However, for garden grilling, a separate table must be placed next to them.

It is usually a problem that the “host” operating the grill is isolated from the company, even if the table can be placed close to the oven.

And without a table, we can run around with food between the kitchen and the garden.

Thus, the garden joint program becomes quite tiring.

Electric garden grill

The electric grill is a good alternative for one or two people, but it cannot be used for larger family gatherings or parties.

It is convenient because it just needs to be turned on, but it lacks the unforgettable taste experience provided by the charcoal grill.


Gas grill

Gas grills are also available for larger gatherings.

However, there are those who are reluctant to use a gas cylinder outdoors on a sunny day in the summer. Their aversion is understandable: the gas cylinder is certainly explosive!

A bigger concern is that more serious gas grills are very expensive.

Even in the case of a gas grill, the unforgettable taste provided by the charcoal grill, the smoky aroma, is lacking.

Paleo bacon fryer

paleo szalonnasütő

Paleo bacon fryer: a stone circle laid on the ground
Presumably, the prehistoric man had already laid some stones around the ground and gathered fire in it for frying mammoth meat.

For the prehistoric man, this must have been the pinnacle of comfort, but nowadays we are not used to long-term squatting, even a low seat is a serious problem for most of us. And if we use a comfortable chair, our waist will adjust from the constant forward tilt.

Bacon oven


The solution to the system change: concrete bacon oven
Bacon ovens built of brick or concrete came into vogue, especially in the 1980s.

They are more convenient to ignite and use.

However, building them is not cloudless fun.

More serious glaze with a more serious concrete bacon fryer. This requires a serious concrete foundation in the garden.

A concrete bacon fryer is usually simply ugly. A large gray cube or cylinder in the middle of the garden is not the pinnacle of aesthetics.

If you start decorating with stones, it can be expensive, and you usually have to be careful not to freeze the whole cover in the winter.

Benkel handcrafted grills: the best alternative

Our company manufactures garden ovens that provide a perfect barbecue as well as a cloudless community experience.

The comfort of our grills is ensured by the ergonomic design and the versatile adjustability.

8sz grill asztal1000

We make independent grill tables that can be sat around. They have their own table top and oven.

Our offer also includes versions that can be installed in garden kitchens. They can be used under one roof even in rainy weather.

Benkel grills are easy to install and disassemble.

We put a wheel on the foot of the product.

This makes them easy to move after grilling. If you have covered space, not even a summer storm can be a problem! Thanks to the wheels, we can take the grill to a sheltered place in a matter of seconds, where we can continue baking and continue the party.

Barbecue accessories

We also sell accessories for our barbecue products. The most popular:

Hanging grill disc
Casting baking sheet
Chimney cake
Sparhelt sheet
These make the use of the grill combinable and complete.

If you replace some items after frying the meat, you can make divine horn cake.

What to fire?
Grill ovens can be fueled with wood or charcoal. It is important to store the wood in a dry, ventilated place. By using long incense wet wood, we can spoil garden fun and the taste of the food. Acid tar leaking from wet wood attacks and destroys iron parts.

The benefits of Benkel garden grills:

Mobile, free to move
Easy to assemble, stable structure
Not just an oven, but a table
The barbecue is with the guests
Grilling can become a community activity
With accessories you can have more functions
Durable, the cast grate is excellent for a long time
Easy to clean
Easy-to-open table tops built into the oven
Storage saves space
High quality characterizes every piece
Designed, modern design

Whether it's bacon frying, stewing or a BBQ party, the Benkel charcoal and wood-fired grill is a sure choice for you too!